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3 Reasons to Go to Urgent Care

3 Reasons to Go to Urgent Care

With about two new urgent cares opening each day, by 2019 there will be 15,000 locations in the United States. These centers are known for providing emergency care, much of which people end up at the emergency room for. Many people don’t realize just how capable and fast the doctors at urgent care centers are. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 129.8 million individuals go to the emergency room annually, even though many of them could easily have gone to urgent care. Not only that, but by going to a walk in clinic rather than the ER, the patient will save about $784 and three hours of time. Check out when you should be considering urgent care!

After Hours Care
If the only thing stopping you from going to your primary doctor’s office is their restricted hours, go to urgent care. Pretty much anything your normal doctor can do can and will be done at these walk in clinics. Going to the ER for something that a normal doctor can help with not only clogs up the ER unnecessarily, it also may mean hours of waiting before you can see a physician.

Things like STD testing, hazmat screenings, and even HIV testing can be done at these walk in clinics. You will see the same care and courtesy at an urgent care as you would with your normal doctor’s office or in an emergency room. It can be a great option if you have a hectic schedule and need results quickly.
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Strains, Sprains, Fractures
Many people believe that you absolutely must go to the emergency room if you fracture a bone, but many locations now offer fracture care. The program is growing within the urgent care system, so many are now able to treat fractures, as well as strains and sprains.

Have you been to one of these walk in clinics lately? What was your experience like? Do you recommend it for family and friends?