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5 Common Reasons for Pediatric Urgent Care Visits

5 Common Reasons for Pediatric Urgent Care Visits

Did you know that less than 30% of primary care physicians offer after-hours coverage? This can make it difficult for parents to get their kids an appointment, while also juggling their work schedule. 

Luckily, there’s urgent care. Aside from offering more convenient hours, almost 70% of urgent care centers boast waiting times of less than 20 minutes, much less than that of an emergency room.

Here are just five medical issues children and young adults often face that can be taken care of quickly at urgent care clinics.

Upper Respiratory Infections
Urgent care facilities see upper respiratory infections all the time. Illnesses involving the throat, nose or trachea actually make up the majority of patient visits, in fact. Considering the frequency of these illnesses and their malign nature, going to a hospital can be expensive and time-consuming. Many choose to go to a walk-in clinic instead, and rightly so.

High Fever
High fevers in children can be alarming to parents, making them a frequent cause of trips to emergency rooms and clinics. High fevers can cause seizures in children, so it’s important that caretakers seek medical attention at the first signs of one.

Ear Pain
Ear pain in young children can be a sign of an oncoming ear infection, making it a good idea to visit a doctor. Ear infections are extremely painful and are usually followed with other uncomfortable symptoms, making it difficult for children to eat or sleep.

Superficial Injuries
With the adventurous spirit of children comes accidents and falls. After a stumble leaves your child complaining of pain or discomfort, they may suffer from a minor injury. While this rarely is followed by a visit to the E.R., seeking medical attention from a doctor is encouraged, especially if the wound is to the child’s head.

Sprains and Strains
As children get older and begin to join team sports, they are bound to become more accident-prone than they were before. Parents often have to seek emergency care because of sprains and strains, and for good reason. Sprains are of a more serious nature than strains, and can indicate a potential tear in a ligament.

If your child comes down with a sore throat or complains of a swollen ankle after a soccer game, think twice before carting them to the emergency room. Your local urgent care clinic will likely be able to treat any minor injury or illness they have in less time.