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Asking “How do I find an urgent care near me?”

Asking "How do I find an urgent care near me?"

Get tips and tricks to help you locate urgent care clinics near you.

Even with today’s technology, it can sometimes be difficult to get the right information, right when we need it. And people using the internet to search for “urgent care locations near me” usually need the most accurate information right away. To help you get the best information right when you need it, here are some tips and tools to help.

If you’re performing a search for urgent care clinics online, be sure to include the name of the location in your search for the most accurate results. Ex: Try searching for “phoenix urgent care” or “urgent care near phoenix”…if you are in Phoenix, AZ…instead of using the less specific search of “urgent care” or “urgent care near me”. Although Google often provides results that are relative to your IP address (location), it never hurts to provide more info.

If you are performing a similar search with mapping software or mobile apps, you can skip the previous recommendation of including a location, and simply search for “urgent care” or “walk in clinic”. This should dot your map with any businesses that are listed or registered as urgent care clinics near your current location. 

Although there are many online directories with a national database of urgent care clinics, the information in them can sometimes be out-of-date. And although some contact information may be incorrect, they can still give you a good idea as to whether or not an urgent care clinic is near your location. Two of the more helpful online resources are:

Urgent Care Locations –  The Find Urgent Care Near Me page on Urgent Care Locations allows users to enter their zip code and view a comprehensive list of most urgent care locations near them. User Tip: The map only shows the clinic locations that are displayed in list to the left of the map. To map and view additional locations on the map, scroll down and select the next page. Scrolling through the different pages of results will update the map with additional urgent care locations. – Although also has an Urgent Care Clinics Near You page that allows you to search by city name or zip code, they also have an easy-to-use Directory page that allows you to search by clicking on a state map. Just click on the state you’re in, then drag and zoom in until you have the map set near your current location. This is a fast way to visually see all of the nearby urgent care locations on a street map.

Although AFC Urgent Care doesn’t have a presence in every state, they do have a location and mapping tool that will easily allow you to find out if there is an AFC clinic near you.

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