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How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Living in an area that is highly susceptible to earthquakes mean being prepared, at all times.  Earthquakes can happen at any given moment, with no warning.  With this in mind, it is important to have a plan of what to do in the case of a disaster emergency.


16th November 2016

Winter Illness Guide

Winter's approaching, and with the cold weather, winter's bringing a host of illnesses with it. Each week, you probably notice more and more people around you sneezing and coughing. Common winter illnesses include influenza, bronchitis, the common cold, strep throat and pneumonia.

3rd November 2016

The Benefits of Seeing a Primary Care Physician

Why should I see a doctor if I feel perfectly healthy? Too many people ask this question to justify not seeing a physician on an annual basis. The big problem with this rationale is that by avoiding the doctor’s office, you’re preventing a medical professional from detecting a potentially serious medical condition in its early stages.
25th October 2016

The Healthiest (and Least Healthy) Halloween Candy

Here at AFC Urgent Care Portland, we don't want to spoil the fun this Halloween, however, as a medical center, it is our job to let our patients know what is, and what isn't good for their health. While candy isn't necessarily healthy, there are certain brands of candy that are less unhealthy than others.

17th October 2016

Debunking Flu Shot Myths

While the start of October marks the arrival of fall's many wonderful elements, such as apple picking, gorgeous weather and the start of the Trailblazers' season, it unfortunately also means the start of flu season. Although flu season doesn't peak until mid-winter, there have already been a number of cases reported throughout the United States.

6th October 2016

Explaining Oregon's Shockingly High Skin Cancer Rates

With Fall beginning this week, a discussion about skin cancer seems a season too late. Yet if there's one thing to know about skin cancer, it's that it is always a threat, regardless of the season and regardless of where you live in the country.

21st September 2016

Fall Into Health With AFC Urgent Care Portland

Summer might be fun, and spring is lovely, but the best season has got to be fall.

20th September 2016

Antibacterials: Pros vs. Cons

With flu season just a month away, it's important to remember to wash your hands frequently. But which soaps should you be washing your hands with? 

14th September 2016

Keeping Your Child Active and Healthy During the School Year

For many kids, the summer is a three-month-long outdoor adventure, and they celebrate the warm weather and free time by riding bikes, hiking and playing sports. But as the school year begins, it can become harder for families to carve out the time to be active and stay healthy.

9th September 2016

What We Treat: Sprained Ankles

Even though many people, especially athletes, believe their bodies are invincible, the truth is no one is immune to injuries. One of the most common sports related injuries, ankle sprains, can happen not only on the athletic field or court, but simply by stepping off a curb and landing incorrectly as well.

7th September 2016