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STDs on the Rise, CDC Blames Online Dating

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recently reported that STDs are on the rise for the first time since 2006. They have seen rises in three sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea,and syphilis.

The biggest hike was in syphilis, which was up 15% since 2013.

23rd May 2016

Creepy Crawlies! How to Prevent Illness From Bug Bites

Gorgeous spring and summer weather means it’s time for the whole family to head outside! But your family members aren’t the only ones wanting to enjoy the warmer weather — this time of year is when all kinds of bugs like to come out in full force.

20th May 2016

Why Urgent Care Should Be Your Choice for Fast STD Testing

Testing for STDs is becoming more convenient as the years go on and technology evolves. For those seeking test results quickly, fast STD testing is available in more ways than one.

20th May 2016

Emergency Care for Diabetics: What You Need to Know

Nearly one in 10 Americans today have some form of diabetes, and recent projections from the American Diabetes Association predict that those rates could increase to one out of every three adults by 2050 if we don't take preventative action now.

18th May 2016

What Should You Do If You Are Hurt? -- Common Injuries and How to Handle Them

Injuries can happen when you least expect them — and they can be disorienting and chaotic when they do occur.

13th May 2016

Mom’s Health Tips: Which Ones Work, and Which Ones Don’t?

Mother knows best when you’re growing up, but even the most informed and well-meaning mothers sometimes gave us advice that we later discovered wasn’t quite right.

6th May 2016

Emergency Room or Urgent Care? Which Should I Choose?

In the event that we, or someone we know, gets hurt, obtaining the proper medical attention in a reasonable time is everyone's concern. The first thing most of us think of is traveling to emergency services such as hospitals or primary care physicians.

25th April 2016

Urgent Care Centers: 101

We have all been there, trying to get a doctors appointment for a niggling cough but having to wait three weeks for the first appointment. We've fallen and need to wrap our sprain, but don't want to handle the long lines of the emergency rooms. So what do you do? You head to an urgent care center!

22nd April 2016

Staying Safe Outdoors

Now that spring is in full swing, you and your family will likely be spending more time outside taking part in activities and enjoying the beautiful weather. However, there are some dangers unique to the outdoors that you should be aware of, to keep your family healthy all season.

22nd April 2016

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol is one of the most popular addictive drugs on the planet, but it’s one that people still haven’t quite learned how to use safely. Every year, more than 2.6 million Americans are hospitalized due to complications or injuries related to alcohol.

15th April 2016