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The Risky Side of Fall Sports

High school fall sports provide valuable physical activity and team engagement, but they also bring the possibility of injuries that can impact young athletes. Understanding these risks and taking preventive measures is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable sports experience.  1. Sprains and Strains In sports like soccer, football, and cross-country, sprains (ligament injuries) […]

Why Get Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are vital to ensure the health and well being of those keen on participating in athletic activities. They are thorough medical exams that are necessary to gauge the physical fitness levels of athletes. In Oregon, the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA) oversees sports physicals. The OSAA also recommends a specific form be used […]

Outdoor Safety in the PNW

The Pacific Northwest is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and an abundance of recreational activities. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety and health while embarking on these outdoor adventures. Here are some tips to ensure a safe excursion in the Pacific Northwest this summer: 1. Plan and Prepare Before heading […]

Spring Produce in the Pacific NW

Spring in the Pacific Northwest brings a vibrant array of fresh produce that fills local markets and grocery store shelves. As the weather warms and the days grow longer, the region’s fertile lands awaken with an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. From crisp asparagus to juicy strawberries, there is a wide variety of seasonal […]

In-Person VS Virtual Doctor Appointments

With the rise of telemedicine, there is an increasing availability of virtual doctor appointments. This is often a more convenient option for patients, but it is important to know when an in-person doctor’s appointment is necessary. However, in some cases, a virtual appointment may actually be the best option available.  In-person appointments should be booked […]

5 Ways to Boost Immunity

You may think that getting sick is just something that comes along with the cooler months, but boosting your immunity can greatly reduce your chances of illness all year round. Staying up to date on vaccines, eating a healthy diet, properly hydrating, taking beneficial supplements, exercising regularly (even a little bit), and reducing stress can […]

Benefits of Wellness Exams

As kids, many of us went to the doctors for our annual wellness exams, but as we grow older we tend to overlook and skip these exams. Your annual wellness exam is very important and only grows more important as you age. These exams also allow you to get the necessary health screenings and services […]

How Can I Improve My Health in 2020?

 We all want to be our best selves in 2020. That’s impossible to do without good health! Whether you’ve already carved out some resolutions or not, our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants to encourage you to add some healthy lifestyle goals for the year. Read on as we offer some suggestions on living […]