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National Flu Prevention Week

October 8th through the 15th is National Flu Prevention Week in the US. This week is observed annually to help raise awareness and bring attention to the importance of preventative medicine and vaccinations, especially during flu season. This week-long initiative aims to safeguard the wellbeing of individuals and communities across the nation and boost overall […]

Flu Vaccines in the Pacific NW

In the realm of public health, few preventative measures rival the significance of receiving the annual flu vaccine. This immunization not only safeguards individuals but also plays a pivotal role in community well-being. It is crucial to understand why getting the flu vaccine is imperative, particularly in regions like Portland and the broader Pacific Northwest.  […]

Cold, Or Human Metapneumovirus?

Do you feel like recently you and/or those around you have been getting sicker in recent allergy seasons? AFC Portland’s very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrew Miller, has some insight on what’s going on and what may be causing this uptick in illnesses. “The current allergy season is the worst that it’s been in […]

In-Person VS Virtual Doctor Appointments

With the rise of telemedicine, there is an increasing availability of virtual doctor appointments. This is often a more convenient option for patients, but it is important to know when an in-person doctor’s appointment is necessary. However, in some cases, a virtual appointment may actually be the best option available.  In-person appointments should be booked […]

Can I Catch the Flu in the Spring?

Spring is in the air! There is no need to worry about the flu, right? Unfortunately, even during the spring season, you can still catch the flu. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants you to stay safe this spring by learning the signs of the flu, as well as ways to prevent the […]

Could My Sore Throat Be Strep Throat?

We grow up learning that sharing is caring. However, when it comes to germs, that is one thing you need to keep to yourself, especially when it comes to strep throat. What Causes Strep Throat? Strep throat is caused by group A streptococcus. It’s an intense inflammation of the throat that occurs because of a bacterial infection. […]

How Can I Get Rid of This Cough?

A cough can come on for a number of reasons. Whether signaling irritation or chronic bronchitis, a cough can be your body’s way of getting rid of an irritant or infection. What Symptoms Can Accompany a Cough? When you experience a cough, you might also suffer from a number of other symptoms. That’s because a […]

Can Cold Weather Cause a Cold?

 Old man winter might be moving into town, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily will be stuck at home with a cold because of it. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants you to know what can bring about the common cold, as well as ways to treat the cold virus as quickly as […]

Will the Flu Shot Give Me the Flu?

AH-CHOO! Oh, no! Are you starting to experience the symptoms of the flu? But, wait—you just got a flu shot, so how can you be experiencing flu symptoms? Our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants you to better understand how the flu vaccine works, as well as put an end to the myth about […]

Common Flu Myths & Why They Are So Dangerous

The much-dreaded flu season is here, which means it’s time to protect yourself against the virus and common myths that surround it. Every year these misconceptions surface and spread…well…like a virus. Flu myths such as these are equally as harmful as they are false, so don’t let misinformation about the flu and the preventative vaccine […]