The AFC COVIDSafe Workplace™ Program | AFC Urgent Care | Portland

A back to work program that works.

The AFC COVIDSafe Workplace™ program is the most effective plan to safely guide your employees back to work utilizing FDA/EUA approved COVID-19 testing and workplace screenings for asymptomatic employees. Don't just guess your employees are safe. Know it. With an AFC COVIDSafe Workplace™ Program tailored to your business.

The core of most return to work programs are the CDC mandated protocols available to every employer. While adherence to those protocols is important to a safe work environment, the simple truth is that to effectively protect your company, more needs to be done. With a program that includes testing, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're doing all you can.


The AFC COVIDSafe Workplace™ Program Advantage

With the COVIDSafe Workplace™ Program you can be confident that you are not only ensuring the safety of your employees, but you are also protecting the health of your patrons, your partners, and your company’s future. Participation in our comprehensive program tells all of them that you care and that your business can be trusted with their safety. And we’ll provide the materials that let you share that news on your front door, website, social channels, and in your lobby and workspaces.

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