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Did You Know That We Provide Occupational Health Services?

Did You Know That We Provide Occupational Health Services?

With a team of board-certified physicians coming from a diverse set of medical backgrounds, our clinics have the ability to offer a wide range of occupational health services. AFC Urgent Care Portland serves a number of Portland’s biggest employers, helping their businesses operate both safer and more efficiently.

AFC clinics offer the following occupational health services:

Drug & Alcohol Testing

The purpose of drug and alcohol testing isn’t to catch employees off-guard. The point is to establish a safe, productive and drug-free culture within the workplace. Our drug testing services can be either pre-employment testing or random testing. Pre-employment drug testing helps filter out potential hires with a pre-existing drug habit, which has proven to help businesses employ a team of more productive, ethical and healthier employees.

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries at the workplace happen. Even with the most precautionary measures in place, accidents are just about impossible to avoid. That’s why it’s important for your business to have a go-to plan for when the next injury occurs at your workplace. Our center offers prompt evaluation and treatment for a variety of workplace injuries, meaning you can skip the ER and receive care faster and at a lower cost.

Flu Vaccination Clinics

When Flu season is underway, AFC Urgent Care can provide on-site flu vaccination clinics right at your business. Every year, we help Portland area businesses keep their employees healthy and happy with quick and affordable flu vaccinations that won’t disrupt day-to-day business. We also administer several other immunizations and vaccines at our clinics.

Physical Examinations

To ensure your employees and potential hires are fit for the job, we provide companies with physical examinations for their employees, ranging from pre-employment physicals, DOT Physicals to annual physicals.

For more information about our occupational health services, visit our Occupational Health services page or call us at (503) 305-6262. We look forward to helping your business and safer and more efficiently!

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