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Do Sports Cause Injuries?

Do Sports Cause Injuries?

The time has finally come where we start to say goodbye to the summer season and gearing up for fall! And what is one of the most favorite pastimes of the fall season among Americans? Sports!

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Portland wants to help you step forward into the fall sports
season with some insight about how to keep your young athlete safe on the field or court. Read on
as we take a look.

What Is the Most Dangerous Sport?

That’s a trick question! Every sport—or even any variety of physical activity—offers an increased risk of injury.

Depending on the sport, some injuries may be more common. For example, head injuries and concussions are most common in girls soccer and football. Non-contact injuries, such as ACL tears, are common in sports that involve jumping, like basketball.

Types of Sports Injuries

 Sprains
 Strains
 Knee injuries
 Swollen muscles
 Achilles tendon rupture
 Fractures
 Dislocations

 Rotator cuff injury

Why Is Injury Prevention Important?

No matter what sport your young athlete is involved in, injury prevention should be a part of the

Injury prevention can help keep your child healthy and safe, which is why it is important to follow the
three E’s of safety—evaluation, education, and enforcement.

Ways to Treat a Sports Injury

 Protect the injury from further damage.
 Avoid exercise or further activity.
 Apply ice to the affected area.
 Compress the affected area using a bandage, as appropriate.
 Seek medical attention for any head injury.

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