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How to Prepare for an Earthquake

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Living in an area that is highly susceptible to earthquakes mean being prepared, at all times.  Earthquakes can happen at any given moment, with no warning.  With this in mind, it is important to have a plan of what to do in the case of a disaster emergency.


  • Consult with a professional to determine if your home’s foundation is vulnerable to earthquakes.  Prepare your home by bolting tall furniture to walls and hang heavy items such as mirrors or large picture frames away from beds or couches.
  • Find designated safe areas in your home and your job, under sturdy furniture or against walls away from windows and tall furniture.  With household members, conduct periodic drills to practice what to do in the case of an earthquake.  With your employer, ask about company protocol if an earthquake occurs.
  • Prepare an emergency supplies kit that includes water, non-perishable food, flashlights, extra cash, toiletries, a first aid kit, and a basic tool kit.
  • In the case that you have to evacuate, have in mind a location that is easily accessible, and close to home, and clear of buildings, trees, and street poles.
  • Consider getting trained in first aid and CPR.


  • Seek safety indoors. If you are outside, find a clear area away from buildings and power lines.  If you are in a vehicle, pull over to a clear location and park.
  • Seek out your home’s or job’s safe spot that is away from windows and tall furniture.


  • Look for damages around your home or office and get everyone out if the area is unsafe.
  • Respond quickly to hazards to prevent further damage and injuries – small fires, clean up flammable liquids, and shut off water supply, electricity, and gas.
  • Check on elderly, disabled, and infant persons for injuries and administer first aid.


If you or someone you know has suffered non-life threatening injuries and needs medical attention due to a disaster, AFC Urgent Care Portland can be your one stop destination.  Our experienced physicians can treat your cuts, bruises, and perform x-rays for injuries can occur.  For more information on the services we provide, please call us at 503.476.9872.