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Urgent Care

Get the Urgent Care You Need Throughout Portland Right Now

More and more people in our neighborhood have figured out how convenient and affordable urgent care centers can be when they need quick medical care. Faster and much less expensive than an emergency room while more accessible than primary care doctors, it’s no wonder urgent care is growing.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming down with the flu or coming in with a broken finger. Our board-certified medical providers treat you compassionately and quickly. AFC Urgent Care can remedy your medical condition and offer professional medical help and advice on the spot.

Acute Medical Care

AFC Urgent Care provides urgent treatment for injuries and illnesses – offering a convenient, lower-cost alternative for medical care.
 Digital X-ray Services On-Site
Lab Work On-Site
Our on-site laboratory meets CLIA standards. We provide results for the vast majority of lab tests while you wait.
 Occupational Health
AFC Urgent Care of Portland provides occupational health services for employees and employers.
 Vaccinations and Physicals
We offer a wide range of vaccinations and physicals for employment, school, camp, sports and more. And we can assist with travel medicine.

Our urgent care services include minor surgical procedures, digital x-rays, lab work, STD testing, and sports injuries. Each of our patients are seen by a highly qualified provider and are treated right away with proper care.

Our Clinics Are:

  • Open 7-days a week
  • In-network for most Oregon insurers
  • Open extended hours
  • Equipped with onsite X-Ray and Labs

Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Room

An urgent care center isn’t the same thing as an emergency room — although both can provide immediate medical attention when you need it most, there are a few important differences between the hospital emergency room and an urgent care clinic.

Not all urgent care clinics are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and most urgent care centers aren’t equipped to handle major, life-threatening injuries. Because urgent care centers are similar to outpatient medical centers, they are independently-owned and operated.

Instead of rushing to receive immediate medical care and then waiting around for hours on end in the emergency room Portland residents know they can visit AFC Urgent Care when they need medical attention ASAP.

So, what exactly will you find when you come to AFC Urgent Care instead of an emergency room Portland? Here are just a few things:

  • No appointments are needed at our clinics, although you can certainly make one in advance if you’re looking to get a vaccine, flu shot, or STD exam.
  • Regarding emergency medical conditions, our staff is capable of handling minor illnesses and infections; sprains and minor fractures (usually considered to be no larger than a finger bone fracture), lab testing and screening, and minor trauma (burns, lacerations, dehydration, and respiratory treatment).
  • We only employ the best of the best, so as a patient you’ll encounter a staff of friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced doctors and nurses. Our offices are equipped to provide the same services as any other physician’s office.
  • Our clinics are in-network for the majority of Oregon insurers; you can find a complete list of our in-network insurers on the pricing and payment page. We ask that you pay your normal co-pay or co-insurance at the time of your visit if you have a healthcare plan.
  • AFC Urgent Care Portland also treats patients without insurance plans, and we provide a complete list of our services and fees before you agree to anything. Our self-pay plan is typically much more affordable than hospital emergency room fees.
  • We also provide prescriptions for non-chronic conditions, and our clinics have antibiotic dispensaries on-site for the convenience of our patients.

It’s not exactly under your control to decide when and where an illness or injury will strike — but knowing where to find immediate medical care is easy with AFC Urgent Care. For treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, instead of visiting the emergency room Portland residents and visitors can stop by any of our AFC Urgent Care Portland clinics.