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Sports Medicine Specialists – Keeping Active People Healthy and Happy

Sports Medicine Specialists - Keeping Active People Healthy and Happy

In a specialized area of medicine that requires a significant amount of advanced training in both the treatment and prevention of injury, a Sports Medicine Specialist can often help patients minimize the effects of a debilitating injury. With a goal of reducing an individual’s time away from work, sports or other physical activities, the services that a Sports Medicine Specialist performs ultimately helps keep people healthy, happy and doing the things in life they enjoy.

Common Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries: Ankle Sprains, Muscle Strains, Stress Fractures, Knee & Shoulder Injuries, Tendinitis

Becoming a Sports Medicine Specialist and holding a certification can be a rigorous process that requires two years of training at an accredited program in addition to a medical degree. And since diagnosis and treatment techniques are constantly progressing, there are also numerous continuing education activities and recertification requirements to keep practitioners up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of Sports Medicine.

A Sports Medicine Specialist differs from an Orthopedic Surgeon in that they do not provide operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Although surgery can sometimes be the right course of treatment for a sports injury, 90% of all musculoskeletal injuries do not require surgery. And since both of these specialized fields require the same training in musculoskeletal medicine, a Sports Medicine Specialist can often be a more easily accessible resource in providing the same diagnosis and treatment options for an injury. They can also provide referrals to necessary therapies and can expedite referrals to an Orthopedic Surgeon if necessary.

Common Non-Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries: Concussions, Asthma, Diet & Nutritional Issues, Performance Issues

Sports Medicine Specialists often partner with local, state and federal policy makers to develop safety regulations for their communities. The field of Sports Medicine has also gained national attention recently by working to help develop legislation regarding concussions and cardiac arrest, in an effort to reduce risk for athletes.

In an order to better serve the demands of active residents in the Portland area, AFC Urgent Care has two Certified Sports Medicine Specialists on staff to provide expert medical care.  Although any AFC clinic can help diagnose and treat a sports related injury in an emergency, these two certified Sports Medicine Specialists can help provide ongoing treatment and rehabilitation options that get patients back to 100% as soon as possible.

So next time you find yourself with a sprain, a strain or any other type of musculoskeletal injury that is keeping you from living your life or doing the things you enjoy, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Seeing a specialist can be faster and more convenient than you think.