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The Importance of Men’s Health

Almost three decades ago, in 1994, Congress established Men’s Health Week for the week leading up to Father’s Day. The declaration and observation was designed to raise awareness about the health challenges that men face. It is also a time to promote preventative health and the overall well-being of men. Since then, the observation expanded to include the entire month of June and is now observed by multiple other counties, making it “International Men’s Health Month.” Men’s health is intentionally broad and encompasses physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. Ultimately, the goal is to prioritize well-being to ensure a healthier future. 

Most of us believe men tend to neglect their health and wellbeing. This is more than a hunch, according to the CDC, men are less likely to visit the doctor and less likely to have an annual wellness visit than are women. Many overlook preventive measures and postpone medical check-ups until they become symptomatic or their symptoms worsen. However, proactive steps towards maintaining good health is important, necessary, and something more men need to start doing.

We all know exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting sufficient sleep can significantly reduce the risk of various health issues such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Mental health is important too – like seeking support when needed and addressing any concerns to prevent long-term consequences.

Early detection is key and so are annual screenings. Men should prioritize routine check-ups and screenings for conditions like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Early diagnosis allows for more effective treatments and improved outcomes. During annual wellness checks, AFC Portland providers can refer patients for colonoscopies based on age and risk.  Although colon cancer affects everyone , it is slightly more common in men. 

Men’s Health Month serves as a reminder that investing in your own health and well-being should be a top priority. But ultimately, it is about making conscious choices to lead healthier lives. During this month, commit to encourage the men around you to get a check up and make healthy decisions. Together, we can create an Oregon and SW Washington where we are all empowered and inspired to take charge of our own health and well-being.

AFC Portland’s very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrew Miller says that “[He knows] that some men can be procrastinators about preventative medical care ([he] know this because [he] used to put off [his] own care!).  However, an annual checkup is easy peace of mind, can help keep your health on the right track, and with most insurances, it’s a free visit.  In celebration of Men’s Health Month, why not schedule an Annual Wellness exam now?” Book a wellness exam with us by calling (503) 305-6262 or book online by clicking here!