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This Valentine’s Day, Share The Love, Not The Germs

This Valentine's Day, Share The Love, Not The Germs

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved one you care by sharing your love, not your germs. Date nights are no fun if you both end up getting sick, so here are some tips for keeping you (and your date) healthy this Valentine’s Day.

If You’re Sick, Postpone

It may put a damper on your plans, but if you or your date are sick, do both of you a favor and postpone! Valentine’s Day may be on the 14th, but it can be celebrated any time. Instead of trying to go out while you’re sick, stay home, recover and make plans to celebrate your love another night. In fact, hotels, restaurants and popular date locations are typically jam-packed and are more expensive on Valentine’s Day — by postponing you’ll likely dodge the crowds and have a more enjoyable time.

Have a Cold? Keep a Healthy Distance

If you are unable to cancel your plans, try your best to enjoy your evening — just remember to do your best to keep your date from getting sick, too. Give your partner a little bit of space, and keep your germs to yourself. Reduce the spread of germs by coughing into your elbow, washing your hands frequently and avoid sharing food or drinks.

Stay Healthy 

If you are worried about getting sick before your upcoming date night, there are a few things you can do to try to stay healthy. Many sicknesses can be avoided simply by taking a few simple precautionary steps:

  1. Get Your Flu Shot. Getting a flu shot is the number one thing you can do for yourself to prevent the flu.
  2. Avoid people who are sick. Flu and cold germs are easily transmitted between people in close proximity, so avoid the risk whenever possible.
  3. Seek medical advice when you feel sick. Don’t try to “tough it out”! If you are presenting symptoms of a severe cold or the flu, don’t hesitate to head to your nearest urgent care. The doctors there can help you feel better faster by giving you a correct diagnosis for your illness and suggesting the appropriate treatment.

Sometimes despite preventative measure, sickness still sets in. When that happens, don’t ignore the symptoms, get help from the professionals at AFC Urgent Care. To find a location near you, visit