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Anxiety is characterized as persistent stress and worry that is not related to any specific event or stress above what would normally be expected. Almost all people worry or experience stress occasionally and these feelings are normal. However, when persistent fear or worry interferes with daily activities including school or work, they may be associated with physical symptoms such as fatigue (tiredness), trouble sleeping, decrease or lack of concentration, irritability, headaches, muscle tension, increased heart rate, or stomach aches.

When anxiety becomes acute, an individual may suffer a panic attack – an extreme onset of the symptoms above. Frightening and upsetting, panic attacks are often confused with heart attacks. Be aware that hyperventilation (very fast breathing) almost always precedes panic attacks, while heart attack victims rarely hyperventilate. While there is a strong emotional component, anxiety and panic attacks can also be caused by reactions to various medications or something as simple as too much sugar or caffeine.

A little stress can be good, but it’s also important to be aware of the unhealthy, long-term effects of too much stress on the body. Our daily routines increase stress and the likelihood of heart disease, obesity, acne, depression and anxiety.

Though there’s no way to eliminate stress entirely, at AFC Urgent Care, we want you to understand ways to take control of your life by managing your stress!

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