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Studies suggest that more than 4 million Americans suffer from concussions every year, and the ratio of concussions is on the rise with young, school-age athletes. However, concussions should not be considered an injury that is limited only to athletics. Concussions can affect anyone from any age group. Car accidents, workplace injuries, and even seemingly minor falls or accidents impacting the head can lead to concussions.

It’s estimated that more than 4 million Americans suffer from concussions annually.

If you or someone you know may have suffered a concussion, seek medical attention immediately. If the initial concussion isn’t properly addressed, and a second impact occurs, the individual is much more likely to suffer brain swelling, permanent brain damage and possibly even death in some tragic cases.

Diagnosing A Concussion

If you think you have sustained a concussion, our physicians can examine you and may administer an ImPACT test. If our examination leads us to believe that you may have suffered a concussion, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to rest your brain safely. After a day of rest, we’ll ask that you return to complete our assessment. The following days cognitive tests will help determine the location and severity of your concussion.

The ImPACT test includes:

  • Word Memory- Your ability to recall a list of words in the proper sequence.
  • Design Memory- The capability to callback precise details of various designs.
  • X’s and O’s- An examination of both memory and speed.
  • Symbol Search- You will be shown nine numbered shapes and required to pair the blank shapes to their numerical partners.
  • Color Word Match- This assessment displays the words “Red,” “Green,” or “Blue” and examine your ability in pairing the word with actual color.
  • Three Letters- This exam analyzes how you recall information after accomplishing a task as efficiently as you can.

In the final part of the assessment, you will be asked to recall the list of words from the first memory test and the design test.

After the test, our physicians will review your results with you, your family, and your primary care provider and athletic coach if you’d like. After review, we will provide a recommended care plan to help you return to school, sports, exercise, and work quickly and safely.

Why We Use the ImPACT System?

The ImPACT system we employ in assessing patients is the most widely used, respected and statistically validated neurocognitive evaluation program. The system is utilized by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and Nascar, among others, for their “return to sports” decisions. Additionally, the ImPACT system is used by thousands of high schools, colleges and the U.S. military for their “return to duty” decisions.