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X-Ray/Digital X-Ray


An X-Ray is a quick painless imaging process resulting in structural images, specifically images of your bones. As the x-ray beams pass through your body they are absorbed by different amounts depending on the density of the materials they pass through. Materials such as bone or metal appear white. Fat, muscle and tissue appear in various shades of gray, while the air in your lungs will appear black.

Contrast Material

Prior to some types of x-rays, you may be required to take a contrast medium such as barium or iodine. These liquids help outline a particular area in the x-ray and provide greater detail for easier x-ray reading. You may be required to swallow the contrast medium or receive it through an injection or enema.

Be sure to tell your health care provider if you are pregnant or have any chance of being pregnant prior to receiving an x-ray.

AFC Urgent Care Portland Offers X-Rays with no Appointment

At AFC Urgent Care of Portland, patients can have X-Rays taken after consulting with a doctor. Contact us if you have questions, or simply come in to any of our convenient locations in the Portland, Oregon area to find out more about the non-emergency medical services offered at this state-of-the-art clinics.